For Hire

Graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a B.S. in Computer Science on the job hunt. Hire me?

I've been a technology hobbyist since I knew what computers were, playing computer games, building my own computer, and installing Linux as my primary operating system. I first took two AP high school courses on Javascript and Java before diving head deep into the program at SUNY New Paltz.

At university, I founded an online community for students of the school to chat and converse about coursework which has since grown to more than 250 members. I created a bot to help manage it and have several of my friends help out to moderate the discussion, such that we maintain a welcoming environment for everyone. At our school's computer science club, I have been a regular presenter, where I have given workshops on the basics of Git with Github, creating sketches with p5.js, getting people with a Java background into Python, exploring the many features of Visual Studio Code, and Raspberry Pi project deployment using Docker.

This website was created by me with Svelte+TailwindCSS and is being served via a Docker container my own Raspberry Pi. See Github for more details. Please consider me for employment opportunities.

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